Monday, July 27, 2009

Trial Run

I bought two pork tenderloins for my first run with my curing chamber. Nothing extremely creative here; rubbed with Morton TQ and sugar and let them sit overnight. Wiped them off, gave them an herb rub and hung up to dry. Should be ready in 4-5 weeks.

My approach to humidity is two-fold. I have a foil pan with salt water and I am using a wet rag. To avoid the hassle of having to re-wet the towel everyday I have it hanging into the saltwater so it can wick up the water.


  1. Be wary the tenderloin of pork. It may dry more quickly than you think, very lean.

  2. What Scott said. Check it in 2 weeks. And BTW, I never cure tenderloin, as this is SO good eaten fresh, seared to medium with some fleur de sel. I cure the loin itself to make lonzino, which is thicker and does need a month or more to cure.

  3. Thanks for the input folks. I wanted something "quick and simple" for my first run. I hated the thought of having to wait 4-6 months to figure out if I was doing something fundamentally wrong or not! I will check next week and see how it is.