Friday, June 10, 2016

High Heat Slow N Sear Grilling

I have been playing around with the Slow N Sear from the Adrenaline Barbecue Company and have been having a blast.

Most of the cooks I have been doing have been 'Low and Slow" but every now and then I open things up and go for a Hot and Fast cook.

Hot Slow N Sear

Here are two of them!

The first was a tri tip that had a heavy rub of Montreal Steak Seasoning.
I had a full chimney of lit charcoal in the Slow N Sear and the top and bottom vents of my Weber kettle were wide open.

It took about 30 minutes for this tri tip to hit the magic temperature for medium rare.
Slow N Sear Tri Tip

The tri tip came out perfect!  We try to make sandwiches when we grill tri tips but usually just end up standing around and eating the slices off the cutting board.  We grunt and drool a lot.

Next up was a butterflied chicken!
I let this bird cook a little too long and ended up burning the skin a little!  I think this was partly due to the sweet injection I used.  That looks like burnt sugar instead of charred skin.

Slow N Sear Chicken

That's okay, it came out tasting pretty fantastic :)

Like a lot of other folks have said, the Slow N Sear is great for long, low temperature smoking sessions.  The slow N Sear also has a LOT of charcoal capacity that lets you get your grill REALLY hot.  This is a nice feature for when you want to do some High Heat Indirect grilling.

If you want to know more about how to use this thing then check out the Slow N Sear review I posted!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Flat Iron Steaks: Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me???

Okay..I already know the answer.

Nobody told me how awesome flat iron steaks were because everyone is keeping this steak a secret.

Well I am blowing the lid off this secret!

Flat iron steaks are a long, thin whole muscle.
They are a little cut up on the back where some connective tissue gets cut out by the butcher.

These steaks are packed with flavor AND are super tender.

Ribeye's used to be my favorite longer.  I am not a Flat Iron man.

These steaks grill up beautifully with just a little salt and pepper.
The steaks are so tender that even though I messed up and cut it WITH the grain it still meted in my mouth.
I am finding flat iron steaks at my local grocery for about $6 per pound.  This is way cheaper than ribeyes.

If you see something like this at your store do yourself a favor and grab it!!
If you want a full blown lesson on where this cut comes from and hoe to take it to the next level by dry aging then check out this excellent article.

Alright guys...what other secrets have you been holding out on me???