Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Smoked Pork Chops

I have been seeing beautiful thick cut pork chops all over the place recently and had to try some on my Weber kettle.  I decided to make smoked pork chops instead of grilling them since they were nice and thick.  They turned out great!
Smoked Pork Chop
I started with two bone in pork chops that were over an inch thick.  I seasoned the fellas up and put them on my kettle with indirect heat and hickory smoke.
After 90 minutes at 275F the smoked pork chops were looking pretty nice!
The pork chops were glazed on both sides with a honey drizzle for a little shine and sweetness.

The pork chops were cooked until they hit an internal temperature of 150F then they were pulled from the kettle. 
These were some seriously great eats!  Thanks for looking!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Frittatas in a Weber Griddle

I picked up a cast iron Weber griddle the other day and have been having fun playing with the toy.

I used the griddle to make a frittata on my Weber Genesis Silver A.  I started by putting down a layer of hash browns.
Then I stuck in some mushrooms, black beans and crumbled bacon.

Poured in a half dozen scrambled eggs...
And grilled this on top of a baking stone on my grill that was running at 400F.  I let it bake for about 20 minutes.  It came out looking pretty nice.
The hash browns stuck a little to the bottom of the griddle but they still got some nice color on them.
Added a little hot sauce and had a pretty nice breakfast courtesy of my new cast iron Weber griddle!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weber Q Filets

Thanksgiving week had my family at my parent's house.  My folk's grill is a little Weber Q.  The grill is a fun little thing but takes a little getting used to after years of cooking on the big Genesis grills.  The single burner Weber Q just doesn't get as hot as a big grill; no big deal, just have to budget for more time.

My Dad likes to slice up a beef tenderloin in 1.5 inch steaks that we grill up on the Weber Q.  You need to pre-heat this grill on High for at LEAST 20 minutes to get the cast iron grates hot enough to lay down grill marks.  The grill might be little but you can still fit 7 or 8 filets on at once.
It was dark by the time these steaks were finished so no good finished pictures were taken.  No problems though...I had an extra steak set aside that I got to grill for lunch the next day!

This steak was simply seasoned with salt and pepper then put onto the pre-heated grill.
The steak was flipped after 7 minutes...grill marks were "meh".
After another 10 minutes the steak was flipped and checked for temp.  It was reading 140F at this point so I pulled it off and let it rest.
I know that 17 minutes seems like a long time to grill a steak for medium rare but this grill just wasn't throwing off that much heat. 

I always have fun cooking on this little Weber Q.  It is even more fun to play with the Weber Q griddle accessory to make up some killer sandwiches. 

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving and are gearing up for a spectacular Christmas!