Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Simple Steak on a Simple Grill

One of my grills in a little two burner Weber Genesis Silver with cast iron grates.  I love this little has spunk :)
Weber Genesis Silver
I got the chance to use the Silver the other day when I found a beautiful 2.5 pound, two inch thick ribeye roast.  I knew I had to use the cast iron grates on the Silver to put down some grill marks on this nice piece of meat.
The beef got seasoned with a little salt and pepper.  I let the Genesis Silver pre-heat on high for 15 minutes to get the cast iron scorching hot.  I let the steak sear for ten minutes then flipped.
After that nice sear I wanted to gently cook the steak to perfection.  I put the steak on a GrillGrate panel, coated it in melted butter and turned the Genesis Silver down to Low.
The steak was eased along for about 20 minutes until it hit an internal temperature of 142F. 
Weber Genesis Silver Steak

No sliced and finished shot on this cook...I wrapped the steak in foil and headed off to a party at my brother in law's house.  It was a pretty awesome steak!

This was a simple steak on a simple grill.  It made for a nice day.