Monday, July 7, 2014

Moinks on the Loose!

I made up my first batch of Moinks the other day.  They looked amazing and tasted pretty bland.  At least I have a starting point!  A moink is simply a bacon wrapped meatball.  The name comes from the beef meatball (moo) being wrapped in bacon (oink).  I figured any meat wrapped in bacon had to be pretty tasty.  

I made a batch of meatballs with a pretty simple recipe of ground beef, bread crumbs and barbecue sauce.  The meatballs were wrapped in bacon (secured with a toothpick) and dusted with a mix of sugar and chili powder.

I threw these guys on my Jumbo Joe and let them cook for about thirty minutes.  I sauced them at the end and let them go a few more minutes as the sauce set.
I thought they looked great but was very disappointed in how bland they tasted.  They were nowhere near as good as a bacon cheeseburger.  

 I asked around on Twitter and got plenty of ideas on how to improve my moink recipe.  It pretty much all comes down to making a better meatball.   Quite a few people suggested adding Italian sausage into the meatball mix.  I’ll give that a go next time around.

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