Monday, July 7, 2014

Grilled Ravioli

Here is a quick and fun little thing to throw on the grill, Grilled Ravioli! 

These are not your standard pasta ravioli that we are working with.  Instead, these are easy ravioli made with won-ton wrappers.  The basic process is bone-headed easy.  Lay out a won-ton wrapper and add about a tablespoon of a pre-cooked filling.  The filling needs to be pre-cooked as the ravioli do not stay on the grill very long.  

 For these ravioli I used some leftover rotisserie chicken, basil, cheese and Alfredo sauce.  These would be equally delicious with a mushroom and sausage mix or even leftover pulled pork with slaw.

After the filling is laid down brush the edges of the wrapper with an egg wash and place another wrapper on top.  Press down along the edges to seal the ravioli. 

If you want your ravioli to be golden brown and have some extra poof then you can brush the tops of them with a little more egg wash.  Throw these guys onto a hot grill and keep your eyes on them.  You want these to turn golden brown and become super crunchy.  Depending upon how hot you run your grill this will take between 3 and 10 minutes. They will burn easily if you have things too hot so have your tongs ready to keep these things flipping!

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