Monday, April 22, 2013

Weber Flavorizer Bars

A few years ago I started a project exploring the guts and history of Weber grills.  There was something about this iconic American company that had me fascinated. 

When I got my first Weber gasser, a second hand Genesis 1000 LX, I was impressed and befuddled with all of the heat diffusion bars that were inside this thing.  I eventually learned that these heat diffusers, all thirteen of them, were Weber Flavorizer bars.

I looked into the history of Weber Flavorizer bars I learned that they were first patented as applied to Weber's little portable gasser, the Weber Go-Anywhere.  This grill had a single metal panel over the burner bent at a 120 degree angle.  A year later Weber received a patent for Flavorizer bars as applied to their backyard gasser, the Weber Genesis.

The initial Weber Genesis grills had thirteen Flavorizer bars.  The patent literature indicated that only three Flavorizer bars, the ones directly over the burners, were required to prevent flare ups.  The remaining Flavorizer bars were present to aid in heat distribution throughout the grill.  Modern Genesis grills only have five Flavorizer bars; I guess out of an attempt to lower production costs.  I am glad my old Genesis 1000 is still humming along!

When I got on Amazon to look at replacement Weber Flavorizer bars I was surprised to see the price differentials.  There is a company making aftermarket Flavorizer bars that are heavier gauge stainless steel than what Weber offers and they are usually about half the cost.  I built a new website where you can download the patents for Weber Flavorizer bars and match up your grill with the right replacement parts.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

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