Friday, February 1, 2013

Roast Chicken on the Weber Jumbo Joe

I have done about a dozen cooks on my new grill, the Weber Jumbo Joe and have fallen in love with the little guy.   I wanted to share these cooks just because they were so fun and I feel like I got some great pictures along the way.

I have written a post about smoking a pot roast on the Jumbo Joe where I ran the grill low and slow for six hours.  This post is about a roasted chicken with the grill running hot and fast.

I seasoned up a whole chicken with some butter under the skin, some Garlic and Herb Creole Seasoning on the outside and aromatics stuffed in the cavity.  I trussed the bird up pretty tight and it was ready for the grill.
I had the coals arranged on either side of the foil pan that was placed under the bird.  The cook was pretty straightforward.  I closed the lid and let the bird cook for 90 minutes until I got an internal temp of 175F and the skin was golden crisp.

I am not sure how hot the grill was running as my digital thermometer pegs out at 380F.  I am guessing I was a little over 400F.  All I know for sure is that the Weber Jumbo Joe is a chicken roasting machine!!


  1. Just lost my second and third (happened the same day) digital thermometer. the one I had had a probe connected to a handheld calculator like device. The probe shorted when used in a wet another and it lasted about a year and started acting squirrelly lately.

    long and short is I'm looking for a rock solid thermometer that I can use on my grill. Any advice?


  2. Scott, apologies for not seeing your question sooner!

    I just go with a Weber digital instant read thermometer. I am saving up for a Thermapen but that is another instant read. I don't have any good suggestions for a connected probe thermometer. Wish I could be more help!