Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some grilled chicken thighs

I did some reading about how folks do bbq competition style chicken thighs and decided to give something similar to it a try. 

Started by flipping the thigh over and removing the bone with some scissors. After the bone is out trim away any fat deposits, veins, and anything else that doesn't look tasty.
Now that the back of the thigh is completely opened up hit it pretty hard with a dry rub.  Let the rub work its way in for a while then flip it over and rub the skin side.  Here is a good list of recipes for dry rubs that you can make if you don't feel like buying a commercial rub.  If you want to use a commercial dry rub used by the pros then 3 Eyz, Simply Marvelous, Oakridge BBQ and Smokin Guns are all excellent choices.
I grilled these on the top rack of my Genesis 1000LX with the back burner off and the front two burners on medium.  Yeah, I know you can't use a gas grill at a competition.  I was just goofing off and having fun. 

After 40 minutes I started checking the internal temperature of the thighs and I pulled them off the grill at 170F.  Here is what they looked like right before I took them off.
These were really good and still plenty moist even though I didn't brine them.  I know that these are nothing close to true competition chicken thighs.  I didn't scrape the fat from the skin, I didn't use any smoke and I didn't sauce, glaze or inject.  I still had plenty of fun though!

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