Friday, November 2, 2012

Weber Jumbo Joe

There is a new addition to my Weber collection, a Weber Jumbo Joe!  This brings me up to six Webers...only 30 or 40 to go!

I was on twitter the other day asking if anyone had a Smokey Joe Platinum they were willing to sell.  These got discontinued around 2008 and I haven't had much luck catching them on eBay.  I wanted the Platinum since it had the 18 inch cooking grate but was still portable like the Smokey Joe Gold.

A fellow Tweeter was kind enough to point me to the newly released Jumbo Joe instead!  The Jumbo is new for 2013 and isn't even listed on the Weber website yet.  For whatever reason though, it is available now on Amazon.

The Jumbo has the 18 inch grate like the Smokey Joe Platinum, the lid lock and lid holder like the Gold and the bottom mounted air intake vents of the Silver.  The new Jumbo Joe looks like it really does have the best of all of the previous Smokey Joe grills.

My order showed up a few days ago and I just got around to putting this grill together last night.  It took right at 15 minutes to assemble with no problems at all.  I did my first cook with the grill this afternoon (nothing fancy, just some chicken thighs) and was very pleased.

Thanks for dropping by.  Any of you folks have a great Weber collection started?

Updated 11/18/12:
I have hooked up a rotisserie for the Jumbo and roasted a whole chicken.  I have grilled up a bunch of New York strip steaks.  I have slow smoked some beef short ribs for four hours.  I have pretty much run this grill through all of its paces and I like it a lot. I wrote my comprehensive Weber Jumbo Joe Review that provides some greater detail.  This grill is worth owning and displaces both the Smokey Joe Gold and the 18 inch One Touch grills.

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