Saturday, March 5, 2016

Flat Iron Steaks: Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me???

Okay..I already know the answer.

Nobody told me how awesome flat iron steaks were because everyone is keeping this steak a secret.

Well I am blowing the lid off this secret!

Flat iron steaks are a long, thin whole muscle.
They are a little cut up on the back where some connective tissue gets cut out by the butcher.

These steaks are packed with flavor AND are super tender.

Ribeye's used to be my favorite longer.  I am not a Flat Iron man.

These steaks grill up beautifully with just a little salt and pepper.
The steaks are so tender that even though I messed up and cut it WITH the grain it still meted in my mouth.
I am finding flat iron steaks at my local grocery for about $6 per pound.  This is way cheaper than ribeyes.

If you see something like this at your store do yourself a favor and grab it!!
If you want a full blown lesson on where this cut comes from and hoe to take it to the next level by dry aging then check out this excellent article.

Alright guys...what other secrets have you been holding out on me???

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