Saturday, February 28, 2015

One Man's Trash is my Weber Genesis Gold Treasure

I found a Weber Genesis Gold being sold on Craigslist for next to nothing the other day.  I checked it out and saw it needed the usual repairs (burner tubes, ignition, etc) but was structurally sound.
Weber Genesis Gold C
I got the grill back to my house, bought the needed replacement parts then soon found out the real reason the grill was being sold.  Two of the burner valve stems had seized up and could not be turned. I could see where the previous owner had tried to fix the problem by trying to turn the top of the valve stem with a pair of pliers.

The fix was easy but tedious.  I sprayed the base of each brass valve stem with Liquid Wrench then used a pair of channel locks to grab the stem at the base and twisted just a little.  I did this five or six times a day for four days.  Each time the Liquid Wrench was able to penetrate just a little deeper.  On Day 4 things broke free and now all knobs are turning just fine.

The grill cover that came with the Genesis was pretty ratty.
Weber Genesis Grill Cover
It is hard to find he right cover for this old grill; definitely wont find this cover stocked at Wal-Mart.  Here is a site that links to the right Weber Genesis grill cover on Amazon.

The side burner hadn't been used for a while...I could tell by the wasps nest that was built under the burner.
After I pulled that guy out the side burner cleaned up pretty nice as well.

I am delighted to have this great grill in my collection!  This Genesis Gold C sits alongside my Genesis 1000 LX and my Genesis Silver A.  My backyard is looking sweeter and sweeter all the time!


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