Saturday, May 21, 2011

Playing with grill pans

I picked up a Lodge Pro-Logic seasoned 10 inch square grill pan for a steal the other day. I didn’t really need it but it gave me an excuse to play around in the kitchen and take a few pictures.

I took the pan for a spin by making my daughter a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. I pre-heated my grill pan on medium low and stuck some sliced ham and American cheese slices between two slices of white bread. Once the pan was hot I added the sandwich and weighted it down with a foil wrapped brick. I grilled each side for about two and a half minutes.

The pan performed great and cleaning up the cheese that had oozed out during pressing was easy. I like the high sides of this pan since you can add plenty of hot water and let it soak while it cools. The biggest drawback about this grill pan is its size. This pan has room for a single sandwich and that is it. I am guessing you could grill two chicken breasts in here? The 10 inch pan would be great when cooking for one or two people, but that doesn’t happen too often at my house.

Regular old white bread takes a beating when you press it. The other side of the sandwich is a little torn. Some cheese melted out of and then underneath the sandwich making it a little tough to get the sandwich to release. These really turn out better when you use bread that has a little more substance but hey, my daughter likes white.

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