Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pickled Okra

Thank you to everyone who took a peek at my new website and sent comments. Very much appreciated. I know it is not very good at this point but hopefully in a month or so it will be much improved. I'm learning and working.

In the meantime I have been playing with….pickled okra! Really good stuff and extremely easy. I am getting nice fresh okra down at the produce market. I like to add a few teaspoons of pepper flakes and mustard seeds into Mason jars, pack the raw okra on top, and then fill with a boiling mix of salted vinegar and water (about 50:50). Screw the lids on tight and into the refrigerator. I don't have a processor so I just store mine cold.

It's cool how this transforms hairy, slimy okra into a spicy, crunchy snack. Feeling the seeds pop between your teeth is kind of fun too!

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