Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eating the bunny

I recently found a local source of young rabbits and have been enjoying them greatly. The folks over at Rab Ranch started raising rabbits this spring and offer them dressed at $8 per rabbit.

One of my problems with the whole "eat local" thing is the massive price differences. For me to get a pastured chicken I pretty much have to drive 70 miles to a farmers market and pay $12 for a bird. That's just too much of an activation energy for me when I can drive 5 minutes to Kroger and get a bird for $4. I want to support local producers but I have a hard time paying triple the price. Yes, I know, if I was really committed that extra money wouldn't matter. I have enough income that the extra $8 doesn't impact my quality of living. Well, I don't care...paying triple is just too damn much.

So I was delighted to find a local source of rabbit that was offering their product at a very reasonable price. Sure, I get less protein on a local rabbit than on a Kroger chicken but it is a differential that I don't mind.

Enough rambling.....I have been eating fried rabbit, grilled rabbit and rabbit stewed in cream gravy. All were excellent. My daughter thinks the rabbit in cream gravy was chicken and I am not going to let her think otherwise. No pictures on this; sometimes you get to take pictures and sometimes you just have to eat.


  1. Do the rabbits come broken down or whole? I've heard that breaking down a rabbit is very similar to breaking down a pig. Ever since I heard that, I've always wanted to try it. Although, not enough to go find a rabbit to break down.

  2. Hi, Jon. They come whole but are just about as easy to cut up as a chicken. The major difference is that rabbit does not have a meaty breast. I usually end up frying the legs and stewing the backs. Take care.