Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm playing with andouille sausage..I won't claim it to be perfect but it is pretty darn good.
2387 g pork butt
36 g salt
10g black pepper
4 g paprika
2 g red pepper flakes
2 g thyme
100 g diced garlic (5 Tbls)
1 tsp cure #1
The pork was cut to roughly 1 inch cubes, mixed with the seasonings and cure and rested in the fridge for two days. I turned the mixture every 12 hours or so.
I diced about a quarter of the pork and ground the rest. The ground pork was mixed with 1/2 cup ice water for a couple minutes with the stand mixer and then the diced pork was folded in. I got four good ropes of sausage as well as two nice sized links. I grilled the links with some pecan wood thrown on the coals to get the great smoke color. The ropes with be treated with a little more care. I'll slowly smoke them for ~4-5 hours to get the true smoke flavor andouille requires.
This does not have as much red pepper as most andouille recipes as I wanted my family to be able to enjoy it. Still, it's a pretty good sausage.


  1. My mouth is watering! These look great. I hope to get back to some more sausages once my free-time has re-increased. Are you smoking the long-haul with pecan or just when grilling? Don't be afraid of the heat of the peppers, it keeps the rift-raft away ;-) and leaves you with more for yourself!

  2. Thank you for stopping by and sharing the kind words.

    I also smoke for several hours with pecan. I have a few large trees in my backyard that are constantly dropping limbs. A handy supply.

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