Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bresaola success

I got back in town after a week of wretched excess in Louisiana and checked on the goodies in my curing chamber.

1. The lonzino quickly got pitched in the trash. I am just too damned tired of fighting the green mold on this guy. Life is short, move on.

2. The bresaola had achieved a 42% weight loss and was covered in a very pretty white mold. I know that this mold is probably edible but since I was going to get the boy to eat some with me I simply didn't want to have a discussion about "white stuff". I was too tired. So I trimmed off the outer quarter inch and while doing so discovered that this was one BEAUTIFUL piece of meat. I wish I was more eloquent so I could describe just how incredibly gorgeous this dark red pile of protein was. Almost the color of dark cherry? Smelled wonderful. I had some plain and thinly sliced. It was enjoyed by me and the boy. I later fixed a small plate sliced thin with a fresh Meyer lemon out of my yard sliced even thinner and fresh cracked black pepper. Delicious.

Thanks to everyone who has blogged about this and offered advice, tips and suggestions. I started a new one today!


  1. No pics? If you case it, you can avoid having to cut that outermost layer.

  2. Scott, updated...I hate messing with the camera, something so simple should not be so complicated.

    I get you about using casings. My main concern is that when I truss the casing I might be fighting the same green mold problem I fought when I trussed the meat. I just have a massive aversion to string right now. I will work through it. Will probably pick up some 90 or 100 mm casings this week. My MEK4 has been ordered.