Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pass the Ammo

Gun fever has taken hold at my house. I picked up my grandfather’s Winchester Model 94 30-30 while on vacation and after a day at the range my shoulder was bruised and battered but I was hooked. I love the lever action.

I am nowhere near a good enough shot with it yet to go after pigs but I have a few months to practice. I ended up putting 14 rounds into my 25 yard target (indoor range) which were grouped within a six inch circle. With some practice I know I will be able to do much better. I plan to take the hunter’s safety course in September and by then I am hoping it will have cooled off enough to safely field dress a large animal.

An important lesson was learned on the price of ammunition. At a little over a dollar a round my practice sessions will not be cheap. I have a friend that does reloads who has offered to teach me. I will take him up on the offer!

I also have a little buddy who wants to join me. He will be nine in September and is a strong and stout fellow. He has shot a .22, a .223 and the 30-30 and is as hooked on guns as me. I am getting different opinions on what would be an appropriate larger gun for him. Some folks swear that a .243 would be perfect while others are just as adamant about a .223. From what I can gather the .243 would be great for medium sized game but might have too much recoil for a kid (the 30-30 was just too much for him). The .223 would be very easy for him to shoot but is questionable on stopping power and would be outgrown in a few years. There is also a strong argument that until he learns to be a great shot with a .22 he really shouldn’t be shooting anything else. Any thoughts and input on a rifle for the boy would be appreciated.

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  1. Good luck with the target practice. I would like to suggest a how-to on relaoding, when you learn.